163+ Best History Pick Up Lines

Want To Impress any Girls or Boys Best-ever Collection of History Pick Up Lines? Also Includes Top Political Leaders, Legendary presidents, and Ancient Backgrounds.

You Are Extremely Lucky Because Who is a history lover and Romantic in nature historians are easy to impress by History pick up lines.

History Is not Shaping your past It can also Shape your Future Let’s Spread the Importance of History with Historical Lines and Share them with Neighboring Friends and Family on social media.

History Pick Up Lines
History Pick Up Lines


Top 17 Short History Pick Up Lines

Best Short History pick up lines in the world Try these Top 17 Lines. Also, share your feeling with your crush to introduce Our Website.

  1. “Damn, Girl, You’re hotter
    • than Chicago in 1871″
  2. “Your Beauty Could
    • launch a thousand ships”
  3. “You Should be the
    • The eighth wonder of the world!”
  4. “Nobody calls me
    • a Rough Rider for nothing”
  5. “Want to reenact
    • the Battle of the Bulge?”
  6. “Your Home looks like
    • it could use a sturdy column”
  7. “My missile never had
    • a crisis”
  8. “Baby you just turned
    • my bronze into iron!”
  9. “History will be written by
    • Men who ride Hogs.”
  10. “Girl, are you History?
    • Cause I wanna repeat my mistakes”
  11. “Baby you’re hotter
    • than Rome under Nero.”
  12. “You must be related to
    • Tesla Cause you’re electrifying.”
  13. “If you’re President,
    • you’d be Babe-Raham Lincoln.”
  14. “How would you like to take
    • a ride on Air Force One?”
  15. “Are you a union worker with
    • a history of anarchy?”
  16. “Baby I’ll make
    • you see stars and stripes”
  17. “Baby, you have more curves
    • then the Democrat Party”

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US History Pick Up Lines

Latest And Legendary United States History Pick Up Lines Collection Also You Should Try.

  1. “Did you invent the airplane?
    • cause you seem Wright to me.”
  2. “I’m so glad prohibition was repealed,
    • because I’m drunk on you.”
  3. “Did you invent the airplane?
    • cause you seem Wright to me.”
  4. “Are you an early hominid?
    • cause I’ve got a
    • Homo Erectus right now.”
  5. “Did your parents work on
    • The Manhattan Project?
    • Because you’re the bomb!”
  6. “I can give you an
    • The era of Good Feelings.
    • But I’m no James Monroe,”
  7. “If I were Columbus,
    • I would sail day
    • night to reach
    • the depths of your heart.”
  8. “I won’t be
    • the only one needing
    • a wheelchair. Girl, after tonight, “
  9. “Are you the Manhattan project?
    • I’ve gotta say – you’re the bomb.”
  10. “You may not be
    • my First Lady, but
    • I’ll make you feel like Jackie OH!”
  11. “Is your name Maya?
    • Because I’d like to
    • sacrifice you to the gods.”
  12. “Do you like history,
    • because we’re gonna
    • make history tonight.”
  13. “I must be the U.S. Capitol.
    • cause my status of freedom can be
    • seen from miles away.”
  14. “I motion to elongate
    • the caucus.”
  15. “I’d like to get your
    • opinion on my poll.”
  16. “I’ll build you a moon
    • base if you let me
    • get to third base.”

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History Pick Up Lines
History Pick Up Lines

Funny History Pick Up Lines

Funny and Comic History Pick Up Lines Complete Collection List 2022. Change the Rude mood into a Lighter one.

  1. Call it manifest destiny,
    • but I truly believe it’s my
    • God-given right to acquire you.
  2. Call me Paul Revere
    • cause I’d like to give
    • you a midnight ride.
  3. Did the rules change about
    • camping outside the capital
    • cause you got me pitching a tent.
  4. Do you want to see
    • a majority whip?
  5. Excuse me but
    • I’m looking for weapons
    • of mass destruction
  6. Good thing I’m not
    • a colonist, because I’d let
    • you do intolerable acts to me.
  7. I asked Barack Obama
    • if you and I could get together
    • later, and he said, “Yes, you can”.
  8. I don’t need a
    • CRS report to tell me
    • how beautiful you are.
  9. I have s#x like
    • I fight wars; I have
    • no exit strategy.
  10. I may not be the
    • POTUS, but I see
    • US on TOP of each other.
  11. I wanna do to your
    • body what Mitt Romney
    • does to poor people.
  12. I’d like to get your
    • opinion on my poll.
  13. I’m like the Vietnam War –
    • way longer than you
    • thought I’d be.
  14. I’ve got a stimulus
    • package waiting for
    • you in my pants.
  15. Just ask Thomas Paine;
    • he knows d^ting me
    • is common sense

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American history pick up lines

  1. “I must be identified with
    • Ben Franklin. I’ve recently
    • found some power between us.”
  2. “Did you develop
    • the plane? Cause you
    • appear Wright to me.”
  3. “It may not be the
    • Louisiana Purchase, but
    • it WILL double in size.”
    • [Thomas Jefferson]
  4. “Like America to
    • Hawaii in 1898, you’ve
    • annexed my heart.”
  5. “The Gettysburg Address
    • was short, but I know
    • something that isn’t.”
  6. “Yea, I’ll try to purchase
    • your love like Jefferson
    • purchased Louisiana.”
  7. “Your breasts remind me
    • of Mount Rushmore…
    • My face should be among them!”
  8. “It must be the civil war,
    • cause I wanna bang you
    • like a salvation drum.”
  9. “Wanna play War
    • of 1812? I’ll light your
    • White House on fire!”
  10. “I’m George Washington.
    • Can I cross your Delaware?”
  11. “Don’t worry if you’re
    • only wearing stripes because
    • I’ll make you see stars tonight.”
  12. “Are you from Central
    • America? Because I want
    • to split you like the
    • Panama Canal.”
  13. “Call me Paul Revere,
    • because I would like
    • to give you a midnight ride.”
  14. “I’m not part of the
    • Prohibition Movement.
    • You can speakeasy to me.”
  15. “How would you feel
    • if I reached in your pants
    • Andrew out your Johnson?”
  16. “You can call me Lincoln
    • because
    • I’m going to liberate
    • you from those jeans.”
  17. “Hey (girl/boy), do you
    • ever get told you look
    • like the Constitution? ‘
    • Cause you’re a national treasure.”
  18. “Baby, I would love
    • to set them Georgia
    • Peaches on fire.”
  19. “Our love is like Cinco
    • de Mayo, misunderstood by
    • most.” #ItsNotMexicanIndependenceDay!
  20. “I’d go to the moon
    • and back for you baby!”

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History Pick Up Lines
History Pick Up Lines

AP World history pick up lines

  1. Let’s role play –
    • I’ll be Osama… you be
    • a cave… and I’ll hide up
    • inside you.
  2. My chad won’t be
    • hanging if you let
    • I punch that hole.
  3. On a scale of one
    • to America how free
    • are you tonight?
  4. Right now, my teeth
    • aren’t the only part of
    • me that’s wooden.
  5. Sorry, I’m not
    • into bondage.
  6. The Gettysburg Address
    • was short, but I know
    • something that isn’t.
  7. You’d make a great
    • vice. Get under me.
  8. You must be John Locke
    • because you are the
    • key to my consciousness.
  9. You may not be my
    • First Lady, but I’ll make
    • you feel like Jackie OH!
  10. Do you know what’s unconstitutional?
    • The fact that you still have
    • every article of your clothing on
  11. You can pull my lever.
  12. This must be the 1900s,
    • because my brain has some
    • goods that need to be
    • delivered down south.
  13. There’s an economic
    • stimulus package waiting
    • for you at my house.
  14. “You are the Renaissance
    • to my Dark Ages, and
    • you light up my world, girl.”
  15. “I’m learning about important
    • dates in history.
    • Wanna be one of them?”
  16. “I’m sorry I wasn’t part
    • of your past, want me to
    • make it up by being in your future?”
  17. “The Great Depression is
    • anytime when you’re not around.”
  18. “The Great Pyramid,
    • the Sahara, the Nile,
    • me… get the picture?”
  19. “Ours is the Leviathan
    • of love – all-powerful.”
  20. “My love for you is as
    • contagious as the Black Plague.”

Best pick up lines in history

  1. “Madam, it is imperative
    • that you recognize my natural
    • right to pursue your happiness.”
  2. “Hey baby, care to allow
    • me an expedition to
    • prove that you aren’t flat?”
  3. “I might not go down
    • in history, but I’ll
    • go down on you!”
  4. “You + Me = Shot
    • Heard Round the World.”
  5. “No need to wait for
    • the succession, you’re
    • first in line for me.”
  6. “Unlike the stock market,
    • I never crash at my peak.”
  7. “Care to come over
    • for some Hysteria Relief?”
  8. “Is your name Amundsen?
    • Since I need you to
    • investigate my south pole.”
  9. “You hit me harder than
    • the stock market crash
    • of October 1929.”
  10. “Hey girl, you won’t
    • need the Rosetta Stone
    • to translate my love for you.”
  11. “Baby you just turned
    • my bronze into iron!”
  12. “My love for you is
    • like a Trojan Horse, it’ll
    • sneak up on you when
    • you least expect it.”
  13. “You are the Rosetta
    • Stone to my hieroglyphics.”
  14. “I’ll be the pyramid and
    • you are the archeologist
    • who discovers my secrets.”
  15. “Are you an early hominid?
    • Because I’ve got a
    • Homo Erectus right now.”
  16. “You are as hot as the
    • Great Fire of London.”
  17. “Are you a historical landmark?
    • Because Eiffel for you.”
  18. “Like Martin Luther,
    • I’m gonna post 95 reasons
    • that will make you reconsider me.”
  19. “It’s not a heliocentric
    • universe anymore, babe,
    • everything revolves around you.”
  20. “You remind me of the
    • guillotine; I always lose
    • my head around you, dear.”
  21. “Like the French at
    • the Bastille, I’d storm
    • the gates for you.”

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