Cool 50+ Subaru pick up lines

Are You Looking For Subaru pick up lines To Impress a Subaru girl or Boy? If you guys want some idea of how to interact with a Lady During her Services and talk to him and want her snap and Insta Id use these pick up lines.

Do you ever wonder why every girl seems to fall head over heels for Subarus? They look classy and sophisticated, but they also offer lots of fun perks when it comes to d^ting and relationships

Subaru pick up lines
Subaru pick up lines

List of Subaru pick up lines

  • Short Subaru pick up lines
  • Funny Subaru pick up lines
  • Crazy Subaru pick up lines

Short Subaru pick up lines

  • Are You Subaru Because You Crazy Fast 
  • Cause you seem dependable considering how high mileage you are
  • Cause you seem to blow.
  • I Like My Women Like I Like My Subaru
  • Hey Girl Are You Subaru
  • Do You Like Sleeping in Subaru
  • Are You a Subaru Artist?

1. Are you a Subaru?

“Cuz you sure are Imprezing me!”

2. Meter Man

“Are you a ticket for Parking Because you have got a fine written all over you”

3. Granted!

“Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?”

4. Smooth, dude

“Feel my shirt. Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material.”

5. Wheel love

“Did your license get suspended for driving all these guys crazy?”

6. Speedy reader

“It’s a good thing I have my library card because I am totally checking you out.”

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Funny Subaru pick up lines

  1. “At least I have a car.”
  2. “I’ll blow your apex seals.”
  3. “Drive here often?”
  4. “Ever had s*x in bucket seats?”
  5. “Your exit or mine?”
  6. “Your back seat or mine?”
  7. “You make my wheels turn”
  8. “What’s your favorite cruising speed?”
  9. “Race you to the next light!”
  10. “Petroleum is so 2000.”
  11. “I’ll turn your driveshaft.”
  12. “I’ll make sure you idle less.”
  13. “Hey s*xy! wanna go for a test drive?”
  14. “Hey pull over, your car is on Fire!”
  15. “Hey babe, check your oil?”

Crazy Subaru pick up lines

  1. “If you were a car
    • door, I’d slam you
    • all night long.”
  2. “I’d like to put
    • my piston in
    • your cylinder.”
  3. “I’d love to be your
    • hydrogen fueling station.”
  4. “Will I get a chance
    • to pop your clutch?”
  5. “Don’t worry, my energy
    • levels never get low.”
  6. “If I put my key in your
    • ignition will it turn you on?”
  7. “I don’t drive a car,
    • but I’d love to walk
    • you home!”
  8. “Who needs oil when
    • you’re naturally charged?”
  9. “Do you like things
    • battery operated?”
  10. “Don’t let the compact
    • size fool you.”

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