Cool 55+ Golf Pick Up Lines [Funny And Dirty]

Golf Pick Up Lines? Are You Impress Your Crush With These Cheesy, Dirty, And Romantic Golf Pick Up Lines. We Have The Largest Best Collection Of These Fabulous Lines.

Club And Ball Sport (Golf) Who Is Lover And Relate To This Game Are Easy To Impress By Using Golf Pick Up Lines You Should Try These Lines While Watching Game Golf Course With Your Crush.

Cool 55+ Golf Pick Up Lines [Funny And Dirty]
Golf Pick Up Lines

Short Golf Pick Up Lines

As We Have The Latest ( Ready To Use ) Collection Of Club And Ball Means Short Golf Pick Up Lines.

  1. After 18 Holes,
    • I can barely walk.
  2. Do you want
    • me to pull it?
  3. How many strokes
    • do you want?
  4. It takes balls to
    • play golf.
  5. Wanna see my
    • super stroke?
  6. I only play on
    • the short grass
  7. After 18 Holes,
    • I can barely walk.
  8. Do you slap the
    • dimpled balls?
  9. You interested in trying
    • some new balls?
  10. Wanna be my
    • 19th hole today?
  11. You have a pretty
    • nice swing there!
  12. Want to try my
    • extra-stiff shaft?
  13. What do you say you
    • let me pull it for you?
  14. You in the mood for
    • some stroke play?
  15. I want to plug my Golf
    • balls in your bunker.
  16. Are you a water hazard?
    • Because you got me
    • soaking wet.
  17. Need a lesson?
    • I can help you get
    • it in the hole.
  18. Are you a birdie
    • because I want you!

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Cool 55+ Golf Pick Up Lines [Funny And Dirty]
Golf Pick Up Lines

Mini Golf Pick Up Lines

  1. You have a good body,
    • I bet you can use that
    • the club is really good, show me.
  2. Hey baby…can you
    • suck a golf ball through
    • 50 feet of garden hose?
  3. I should report to you
    • to security. You’re a water
    • hazard for all the ladies
    • on the course!
  4. My golf number may
    • not be that good but
    • my phone number
    • sure is!
  5. Unlike my drives,
    • I have something
    • long and straight all
    • the time
  6. You should put golf
    • as your top priority, after
    • all, I am a master at it,
    • wanna try me?
  7. I am better than all
    • those museums about
    • golfing you have been
    • in, let me show it to you.
  8. You’re more beautiful
    • than a hundred pink
    • flamingos on a golf
    • course.
  9. I just finished a round
    • of golf, wanna be my
    • 19th hole today?
  10. I wanna take out
    • your golf clubs and
    • score a HOLE in 1.
  11. Wanna go golfing baby?
    • I’ll let you put your
    • balls in my hole.
  12. I hope you like it rough
    • because I don’t replace
    • my divots.
  13. I’m known on the
    • tour for having
    • a lengthy club.
  14. I’m gonna pound you
    • like I do these range balls.
  15. You have a wicked slice.
    • Can I call you Mister Right?
  16. Darling, you can be the
    • For the nineteenth hole, I will use
    • this day if you would let me.
  17. I’m a bit tired, so
    • can we just play your
    • backside tonight?
  18. Are you a mini-golf
    • course? Because baby,
    • you can make my heart race.
  19. I’m known on tour
    • for having a lengthy club.

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Cool 55+ Golf Pick Up Lines [Funny And Dirty]
Golf Pick Up Lines

Cute Golf Pick Up Lines

  1. Are you a Nike One
    • Platinum ball because I’d
    • like to see you on a T?
  2. From the moment I
    • saw you, I’ve had a
    • vertical shaft angle
  3. Hey baby…can you suck
    • a golf ball through 50
    • feet of garden hose?
  4. How about you be my
    • caddy and wash my
    • balls tonight?
  5. Want to come to my place
    • for a game tonight? I’m thinking
    • we should go for a hard 7. What
    • do you think?
  6. What’s your favorite part
    • about golf? My favorite parts
    • are playing on short-grass
    • and going low
  7. What do you say we get
    • together, call a couple of
    • people and play a foursome?
  8. Whenever I see you,
    • I think I’m turning into
    • a US Open. That’s right:
    • I’m becoming long and
    • hard.
  9. Oh man, my legs hurt
    • so much. It’s tough walking
    • straight after 18 holes.
  10. So this golf ball was fortunate
    • for me on the course. However,
    • is it sufficiently fortunate to
    • get your number?
  11. Is that my golf bag in
    • your pants because I
    • just finished a long drive
    • and I’d like to put my
    • wood in it?
  12. You are a Nike ball
    • to me and I would
    • like to see
    • you’re on my hole tonight.
  13. How are you with putts?
    • I prefer gentle strokes
    • if you know what I
    • mean.
  14. Tell me, baby, how
    • many strokes do you
    • want? I won’t rest till
    • I shoot all.
  15. Damn, girl. You’ve got
    • the nicest b**bs I’ve
    • seen outside a PGA
    • Tour locker room.
  16. Are you sure you aren’t
    • all four majors because
    • you would be a grand 
    • slam?
  17. Does a bear crap in
    • the woods? No, but
    • I’m willing to screw
    • in them.

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