Tom Brady Has Brutally Honest Admission On Autograph Request

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A lot was made over an autograph that Tom Brady signed on Sunday after the Bucs-49ers game.

49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw asked for an autograph following his team's 35-7 win over the Bucs and Brady obliged

After the autograph, Brady went on SiriusXM Radio and said that it was terrible to do it but that he wanted to be a good sport.

“It was sh*t for me, to be honest. Complete sh*t. But I try to be a gentleman. No, actually, I mean, look, it was a great play he made.

Brady was definitely a good sport in this situation. Some other quarterbacks would've just left the field after a blowout loss

He'll look to bounce back next Sunday when the Bucs return home to take on the Cincinnati Bengals.