Starfield: 10 Best Early Game Weapons

Coachman: Double-barrel shotgun for close-range combat (52 damage).

Magshot: High-damage, accurate single-shot pistol for close-range fights.

Bridger: Heavy weapon with 127 explosive damage, effective at various ranges.

Elegance: One-shot pistol (48 physical damage) with unique mods.

Boom Boom: Shotgun with laser sight, explosive rounds (99 damage at 25 meters).

Old Earth Hunting Rifle: Sniper rifle (36 damage) with a 100-meter range.

Marksman’s AA-99: Full-auto rifle (31 damage) with excellent accuracy.

N67 Smartgun: High fire rate microgun for all ranges, available at UC Distribution Centre.

Keelhauler: Calibrated Magshot, great for enemies with higher HP, acquired as a mission reward.

Revenant: Legendary rifle (78 damage) with extended magazine capacity, obtained during Eye of the Storm mission for the Crimson Fleet Faction.