One UI 6: Samsung's Next Evolution in Android Skins

Explore the forthcoming One UI 6 update by Samsung, a significant evolution in Android skins.

Learn about the anticipated release date for One UI 6 and what it means for your Samsung device.

Dive into the key features of One UI 6, emphasizing aesthetic refinements and minor menu changes.

Discover how to join the One UI 6 beta program and be among the first to experience the update.

Explore the enhanced customization options in One UI 6, allowing you to tailor your device to your liking.

Get insights into the revamped Quick Settings panel, with new rows and added convenience features.

See how One UI 6 transforms the notification panel, providing a more organized and efficient experience.

Learn about improvements in the app drawer, making it easier to access functions with app-specific long-press actions.

Understand which Samsung devices are eligible for the One UI 6 update, from flagship to budget-friendly models.

one ui 6 release date features and compatibility