NFL World Is Not Happy With Cris Collinsworth Tonight

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The Miami Dolphins and the Los Angeles Chargers are at halftime of Sunday night's game.

As always, fans have taken to social media to weigh in on Cris Collinsworth's performance.

Collinsworth, who always seems to spark big reactions on social media, is taking some heat for his performance on Sunday evening.

"Chris Collinsworth... Is there a worse prime time announcer in sports?" one fan added.

"I'll give you guys this, hearing Collinsworth carry all Herberts water relentlessly unnecessarily bc I assume you have eye balls even hit me as pretty annoying," another fan wrote.

"In the next hour, Collinsworth will have 10 different takes on both squads," another fan wrote.

"Collinsworth's "Here We Go" crutch is awful and I can't believe they haven't coached him out of it. It's like nails across a blackboard," another fan wrote.