NFL levies $550,000 in fines for fake Cam Jordan injury

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The NFL issued a memo to all teams on Friday, December 2, regarding the faking of injuries

the punishment to be imposed on teams, coaches, and players when fake injuries happen

The NFL has decided that, on Monday, December 5, Saints defensive end Cam Jordan faked an injury.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Jordan was fined $50,000. His position coach

Ryan Nielsen, also was fined $50,000. Coach Dennis Allen was fined $100,000. And the Saints were fined $350,000.

The incident happened after a third-and-17 play by the Buccaneers, midway through the fourth quarter

As quarterback Tom Brady lined up the offense for fourth and 10, Jordan looked to the sideline, took a knee, and pointed to his lower left leg.

The situation first came to light because Jordan has complained about the situation on Twitter.