NFL Fans All Said The Same Thing About Dak Prescott's Playcalling

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During the Cowboys' final preseason game, Dak Prescott took on the role of offensive play-caller, drawing comparisons to former OC Kellen Moore's style.

Prescott's first series of play-calling resulted in an impressive touchdown drive, catching the attention of fans and experts alike.

Fans on social media reacted positively to Prescott's play-calling skills, with some playfully suggesting he's a better coach than Mike McCarthy.

Media outlets highlighted the successful drive under Prescott's guidance, further fueling the buzz around his impromptu play-calling role.

The NFL itself acknowledged Prescott's unique role by humorously referring to him as the "Offensive coordinator" in a social media post.

Fans and users couldn't help but draw comparisons between Prescott's play-calling and Kellen Moore's, with some poking fun in a light-hearted manner.

Prescott's takeover of play-calling duties in the preseason finale surprised fans and experts, offering a glimpse of the unexpected in the Cowboys' strategy.

Jerry Jones Jokes About Prescott's New Role: Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones playfully mentioned that Prescott might have found a new "calling," adding humor to the situation.