How to use offline Apple Maps in iOS 17

iOS 17 introduces offline maps in Apple Maps, making navigation without an internet connection a breeze.

Learn why offline maps are valuable, from turn-by-turn directions to data savings, especially in areas with poor network coverage.

Understand limitations, such as storage usage and device compatibility.

Discover three ways to download offline maps: Search in Maps, Drop a Pin, and Use Offline Maps Settings.

Follow steps to download a map based on a location search.

Drop a Pin: Learn how to download a map by dropping a pin on the map.

Use Offline Maps Settings: Understand how to access and download maps via settings.

Explore how to view, edit, or delete downloaded maps.

Customize settings like Wi-Fi only downloads, automatic updates, and optimizing storage.

Summarize the benefits of offline Apple Maps in iOS 17 and encourage users to explore further on Apple's website.