Genshin Impact Unveils Exciting Gameplay for New Character Lynette in Latest Trailer

Image Credit - Google


Genshin Impact's Version 4.0 update introduces a new four-star character named Lynette, an Anemo Sword user, and sister to Lyney.

The update brings the new region of Fontaine to the game, and within 24 hours of its release, players will be able to explore it.

The gameplay trailer focuses on Lynette's abilities and combat style, showcasing her flashy Normal Attack animations and Elemental Skills.

Lynette's Elemental Skill has different effects for pressing and holding the skill, including a dash attack that marks enemies similar to Yelan's Elemental Skill.

Her Elemental Burst ability creates a "Bogglecat Box" which taunts enemies and swirls elements that come into contact with friendly units.

The trailer reveals that Lynette will be available as a free character after the Version 4.0 update, accessible to players who reach Adventure Rank 25.

Players can claim Lynette through the game's event menu, and her free availability is expected to be permanent, similar to other milestone free characters.

Another new four-star character, Freminet, will also be introduced in Version 4.0 as the youngest sibling, a Cryo Claymore user.

Freminet's release is planned for the second half of Version 4.0, alongside re-runs of popular five-star characters Tartaglia and Zhongli.

The Fontaine region is expected to bring new characters, diving mechanics, and underwater combat, aligning with its theme of being the Hydro Archon's domain.