Fans and media expressing sympathy for Joe Burrow tonight.

Joe Burrow's performance on Monday night has been subpar, likely due to his injured calf.

In the first half, he completed 17 of 31 passes for just 144 yards, with limited deep throws.

Viewers are disappointed to see Burrow struggling, given his usual high accuracy.

Experts and fans alike are concerned about his altered performance.

Questions arise about the wisdom of playing Burrow when he's not at his best.

The Cincinnati Bengals are 0-2 this season, partly due to Burrow's struggles.

The first two games saw Burrow's passing yards and yards per attempt below his usual standards.

There's growing speculation about whether Burrow should rest and recover from his calf injury.

Despite Burrow's struggles, the Bengals' defense is keeping them competitive in the Monday night game, which remains tied at halftime.