Dak Prescott reacts to   Micah Parsons controversy

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If you have ever played for the Dallas Cowboys, especially under Jerry Jones

you know that the media surrounding the team can become a circus because of all the attention they get.

The last two weeks for the Cowboys have been just that, a circus. Everything seemed to be settling down with the Jerry Jones situation

then linebacker Micah Parsons decided to offer his opinion on Brittney Griner and all hell breaks loose again.

Parsons’s comments on Griner’s release set off a firestorm across social media. It got so bad, Parsons had to later apologize because he wasn’t that familiar with Griner’s situation.

Naturally, the media wanted to know what was his teammates’ reaction to all of this, so they asked quarterback Dak Prescott who is used to all this controversy following his team.

Prescott said he saw the Parson’s tweets and he did talk to Parsons about it.

“No I did not. No I did not,” he said. “I mean obviously I’ve talked to him. He seems educated what he’s talking about so I damn sure give him that