"Chandramukhi 2" is a horror-comedy film starring Raghava Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut. Raghava Lawrence is known for his work in the horror-comedy genre.

The film is seen as a remake of the original "Chandramukhi," which itself was a remake of the Malayalam movie "Manichitrathazhu" from 1993.

The film is criticized for lacking originality as it appears to reuse the storyline from "Chandramukhi."

A significant portion of the movie is devoted to introducing the characters, primarily the members of Ranganayaki's family.

The humor in the film is described as juvenile, with the biggest laughs coming from children in the audience.

Adults reportedly found the comedy boring and were eager for the story to progress.

Given Raghava Lawrence's reputation in the horror-comedy genre, there were expectations for the film to deliver on the comedy front.

Some viewers were willing to give the film the benefit of the doubt and hope that the comedy, led by Vadivelu, would redeem it.

The disappointment lies in the fact that the film seems to have repurposed the story from its predecessor rather than offering a fresh take on the concept.

Based on the review, it seems that "Chandramukhi 2" didn't live up to expectations, both in terms of its humor and its storytelling, leaving many viewers unsatisfied.