Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks Prediction Game Preview

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Give this franchise credit for continuing to fight the good fight even after everything melted down.

Baker Mayfield is doing fun things for the Rams, Matt Rhule is getting paid by the University of Nebraska, and still the Panthers have a wild chance at making the playoffs with the team finding ways to win.

The offense might not be doing anything amazing, but Sam Darnold wasn’t bad in the win over Denver last week, the defense forced two takeaways, and now everyone is rested after a week off.

It’s been able to battle and ball in Charlotte, but it’s 0-5 on the road. It might be rested, but this is a long trip to deal with an offense that’s got enough of a passing game to keep up the pressure.

Geno Smith and the passing game have to take over with Kenneth Walker hurting, the defense will take the ball away twice – it has done that in every game but two – and there’s no margin for error here

Carolina will keep feeding D’Onta Foreman over and over again, and Darnold should at least be competent. It’ll be enough to battle Seattle late, but three turnovers will make all the difference.

The defense won’t be able to hold up against a few big deep plays, and the Seahawks will stay alive in the playoff chase with the showdown against the 49ers next week.