Bryce Young explains his controversial decision

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Alabama quarterback Bryce Young had every reason not to play in the Sugar Bowl next week.

The Crimson Tide aren’t playing for a national championship and he could get injured which could affect his NFL Draft stock.

But the former Heisman Trophy quarterback decided it was best for him and his team to play and his reasons were simple

I only can speak for myself and what I felt like was what I wanted to do, what I felt called to do, but I really think that

the team, that really just speaks to our culture” Bryce Young said.

That speaks to the standard that we have–the culture that Coach Saban has built. I think it speaks to that, again

We all know coming in here every single day what the goal is, what our mission is, and what our standard is

So, for me, evaluating that, looking toward what I felt was the most important to me, this was the decision I came to.